Please direct any questions to ATW Editor-in-Chief Karen Walker
at or +1.202.517.1065.

Important Nomination Submission Notes

Nominations for the 45th ATW Airline Industry Achievement Awards can be submitted for multiple categories. Each nomination should answer each of the questions and points contained in the online nomination form. An introductory overview by the airline/company CEO or senior executive is also welcome. Detailed statistics supporting the nomination are important and may include financials, safety credentials, traffic numbers or other data. We prefer Word documents but also accept PDFs. Other supporting documentation can include press releases, video, images, and customer endorsements. Please upload your supporting documentation within the online submission form.

Deadline for nominations has been extended to October 5, 2018.

If your nominee is selected, you will be contacted directly by the editor.  Winners will be invited to the ATW 45th Annual Airline Industry Achievement Awards gala dinner, where ATW Editors will present the awards. It is customary to extend two complimentary VIP table places at the Gala Awards Dinner to each of the winners and it is expected that those places will be taken by senior executives (ie, CEO, president, chairman or similar) of the winning companies, who will receive the Award and be invited to make a few remarks onstage. Winners and their achievements will feature in a special section of the ATW March 2019 edition. Highlights of the Gala Awards event will also be published in the ATW May 2019 edition. Winners will be expected to provide video footage and multiple high-resolution photographs that the ATW show production team will use to create the gala evening’s show presentations and other materials demonstrating why they won. These visual materials must be supplied to the ATW Editors by no later than Dec. 14, 2018.

The recipient of the ATW Airline of the Year must demonstrate exceptional performance across all business and operational parameters for the period between September 2017 and September 2018. The airline must stand out against its peer competitors, have an outstanding record of safety, customer service, financials, product innovation, eco commitment, labor relations and community endeavor.

The winner must demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Excellence, innovation and leadership by executive management
  • Strong financial discipline
  • Consistent and excellent safety record
  • Proven leadership in community, eco and technology endeavors
  • Consistent high standards of customer service
  • Excellent labor relations

The ATW Excellence in Leadership Award is given to an individual who has shown outstanding and exemplary contributions to the air transportation industry.

This award goes to an airline that has set itself apart from its peers, either in a geographic region or a market sector, or that has created or stimulated a market.
The winner must demonstrate the following criteria:

  • A marketing strategy that has delivered measurable results in customer and/or revenue growth
  • A business strategy that has increased brand recognition and loyalty across existing and new customers
  • An innovative marketing and branding strategy that differentiates the carrier from its competitors

This award goes to a low cost carrier that is exceptional in the budget airline market.

The winner must demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Disciplined and rigorous cost control
  • Innovative and motivational practices that incentivize employees
  • Strong safety and operational performances
  • Positive growth trends
  • Customer loyalty via low-cost innovations

This award goes to an airline that practices and innovates in exceptional eco operations.

The 2019 Eco-Airline Award winner will demonstrate:

  • Industry-leading commitment to technologies and efforts that increase operational efficiency and reduce emissions and dependency on oil

Pioneering solutions to environmental problems

Environmental concern and action through community involvement

Best practices at airports

The ATW editors and publisher, who judge the awards, will place strong emphasis on nominees providing data and evidence that supports how they measure the results of their eco-endeavors.

The ATW Leasing Company of the Year Award will go to a lessor that demonstrates innovation, competitiveness, and which is a partner in airlines’ ability to launch or grow.

The Lessor of the Year will demonstrate:

  • Operational, employee and fleet strategy
  • Customer base, specialties and airline partnerships
  • Strong financial achievement
  • Ability to differentiate from competitors

This award goes to an airline or company that has created or provides a product or service that significantly improves service to the passenger. It can be a cabin product, seat, IFE or connectivity service, engagement tool, or a new business practice.

This award goes to a company, organization, agency or airline that has developed or contributed to a practice, process, system or product that significantly enhances safety in air transportation.

Nominees for the Aviation Technology Achievement Award are companies or carriers that demonstrate innovation and follow-through in the application of a new technology or system that has enhanced their operational, financial and/or market share performance. Examples of technology fields include aircraft, engines, avionics, air traffic control, maintenance, computer systems, customer-interface systems, in-flight entertainment systems, training and safety. The winner must demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Introduction and integration of a technology that has delivered measurable results
  • Innovation and leadership in the development and/or application of that technology or system
  • Benefit of that technology to the airline and/or to the greater airline industry